David (davmoo) wrote in microcontroller,

Microcontroller choices

I've been away from the microcontroller world for quite some time now. The last thing I built was around a Motorola 6805...yeah, that long. I realize that what I'm about to ask is mostly a personal choice, a lot like asking "who is better, Santa or the Easter Bunny?", but I'll ask anyway...

Let's pretend you've been away from microcontrollers a really long time. You now need to whip up something that involves controlling a (still) camera and needs fairly accurate timing. You also need to drive a small (128 x 128 or so) lcd (not with live video or photos or anything like that, just time and status and stuff like that). It would be nice if it were fairly cheap to develop on, and thrifty on batteries too. What would you use?

I've been looking at a couple of things, but I'll not mention them yet in order to not taint your answers.

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