inop (in0p) wrote in microcontroller,

OOpic vs Basic Stamp

Hi, I'm new here and don't do the microcontroller thing too often but am driven by task to get back into it :}

I worked with the Stamp some years ago on a "real time" servo controller. Now I need to build a small process control system. I was ready to dust off my old Basic Stamp notes and buy some toys when I found the OOpic. It does have a couple pluses over the Stamp, mostly the virtual-circuits multitasking feature. But besides that I'm still very biased toward the Stamp. There's more ready made parts/boards/gadgets for it, I already own some of the gear and I'm familiar with the Stamp. And I hate judging from appearences, but the OOpic site is not too great (is the English in the manuals like that of the site?)

I already know what all you awesome assembly gurus will say to all this Basic stuff :} But does anyone have OOpic vs Stamp experience? Hopefully this doesn't start a big micro-war, I just want to know if the "multitasking" is worth switching over for. Thanks for any help!

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